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Drawing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

Drawing Buddhas and BodhisattvasThis friendly little book is designed to help those interested in learning more about classical Tibetan drawing styles for Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Clear drawing graphs give even beginning artists a formula and methodology to creative beautiful and meaningful works of art. Examples of completed drawings ready for painting are also included. This book should be a valuable reference for anyone interested in learning more about traditional Oriental drawing methods and is especially valuable for meditation practitioners.

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The Kitchen Goddess

“The Kitchen Goddess” is the third vegetarian cookbook from the kitchen of Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. The recipes are all new, the favorite dishes of our chefs and guests. This book is also dedicated to the Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Divine. The artwork featured in this cookbook was created by Faith Stone, a long-time student of the traditional techniques of Tibetan art, a high school teacher, and director of the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat.

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A Seat By the Fire

A Seat By the FireShambhavananda’s newest book A Seat By the Fire is a compilation of 5 years of satsangs (question and answer sessions) held in his ashrams. With subjects ranging from “Using Life for Spiritual Growth” to “A Glimpse of the Infinite”, this 527 page volume provides far-reaching insights into the process and promise of the yogic path of spiritual transformation. It is an invitation to have a seat by the fire of self-realization, to learn the ancient art and science of yoga.

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Yoga in the Shambhava Tradition

by Swami Omkari Devananda (Author)

Yoga in the Shambhava Tradition offers yogic inspiration for everyone, from the beginner to the hatha yoga teacher. The first postures in the book are the easiest to do, then they gradually increase in difficult—so you can begin where you are and progress naturally. Home practice sequences include breath awareness exercises and the order in which to do specific groups of poses.

Yoga in the Shambhava Tradition is perfect for:

beginners, practioners, teachers, and meditators
individuals with busy lives who whish to relax and feel centered
those who are in recovery or need to recondition their bodies

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Rudi and The Green Apple

Faith Stone invites you on an intimate journey during which she shares the story of her own 25-year metamorphosis from a free-spirited teenage art student (the “Green Apple”) searching for spirituality to a happy and fulfilled artist, teacher, musician, chef, wife and mother. Along the way, she is taught the meaning of love by an amazing spiritual leader, Swami (Rudi) Rudrananda, who was not afraid of living life and enjoying it. Rudi And The Green Apple truly is a story of love and transformation.